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"Slaughter of Innocence" - (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)  

FRANCIS AND MARY TAKE CHARGE, MAKING BRUTAL CHOICES THAT WILL CHANGE THE FATE OF FRANCE — When the King’s (Alan Van Sprang) madness and cruelty reaches a fevered pitch, Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Francis (Toby Regbo) take action. Their choices could change the course of history, but an unforeseen terror brewing in the woods could cost them, and their friends, everything.  Mary makes a drastic decision when she learns Lola (Anna Popplewell) is going through a life-threatening labor at a location outside of the castle.  Megan Follows, Torrance Coombs, Caitlin Stasey and Celina Sinden also star.  David Frazee directed the episode written by Laurie McCarthy and Doris Egan.


As every thursday I’m doing my best not to post stuff from the new ep until it airs in the US, even tho the temptation is strong guys!

I do this cause I don’t wanna spoil my american followers before the CW airs the show,  but you guys need to watch it live tonight! Things are going quite good but we need better ratings, so please please please watch the show live on your tv when it airs.

Believe me it’s worth it!

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"Come back to me, don’t let England cost me you" - Mary Queen of Scots (x)

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Why It Matters That ‘Reign’ Ditched Its Love Triangle


The first 13 episodes of the show’s debut season heavily featured the romantic tug-of-war between Queen Mary (Adelaide Kane), Prince Francis (Toby Regbo), and Bash (Torrance Coombs). However after the first run of episodes — which was the original length of the show’s first season before it got a full order — ended with Francis and Mary’s wedding, the love triangle has almost ceased to exist and it has made the show even more exciting, enjoyable, and just overall better.

Sure, the Frary versus Mash debate was fun, but you know what’s even more fun? Watching an actual teen queen rule an actual country. There are many love triangles on television, but there are very few, if any, shows focusing on a queen struggling to to prioritize her country’s needs along with her duty to her husband. Game of Thrones slightly delves into these issues with Daenarys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), but Dany has yet to be both a wife and a queen — a Khaleesi, I should say — for an extended period of time.

In fact, if you think about all the movies and television shows that have built their success on love triangles — such as The Vampire Diaries and Twilight — or the feature film franchises that use a love triangle to drum up cheap publicity (looking at you, Catching Fire), Reign ditching its love triangle is rather subversive.

Instead of cashing in on the question of who will end up together and prolonging the show by not giving the audience an answer, Reign ended the debate with Mary and Francis’s wedding, and then moved on. The new storylines are bigger, better, and different than anything else on television, which truly separates Reign from the rest of the teen drama series pack in a fantastic way. 

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Do you think the big change that'll happen between Mary and Francis' marriage is having a baby? For some odd reason I'm not quite worried about them coz I know they can pretty much conquer whatever problems they have. —Anonymous

That would surely be a big change, just like becoming king and queen of France would be a major change as well.

I’m not worried either nonnie, I’m just enjoying this ship in all its glory and the angst we are getting in these latest eps is pure gold.


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April 24th 1558 "The marriage was therefore solemnly celebrated in the great church and the palace in Paris; where we were  this queen appear more beauteous than a goddes from the skies, whether in the morning, going to her espousals in noble majesty, or leading, after dinner, at the ball, or advancing in the evening with modest steps to offer and perform hew vows to Hymen; so that the voice of all as one man resounded and proclaimed throughout the Court and the great city  that happy a hundredfold was he, the prince,  thus just joined to such a princess; and that even if Scotland were a thing of price its queen out-valued it; for had she neither crown nor sceptre her person and her glorious beauty were worth a kingdom; therefore, being a queen, she brought to France and her husband a double fortune.

This was what the world went saying of her ; and for this reason she was called queen-dauphine and her husband the king- dauphin, they living together in great love and pleasent concord.”  

Illustrious Dames of the Court of the Valois Kings

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