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I know you’ll find the right man.

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infinite list of favourite reign outfits:

↳ Francis in 1.02

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Hello there! 1st I love your new theme is very pretty :) 2nd I wanted to ask you something, since u seem to know a lot about RL Frary, I remember reading somewhere a rumor that when the guard went to call her 4 her execution he was very pained by the whole thing and she told him not to worry cause she was happy since she would have be soon reunited to her beloved. I don't remember where I read this tbh do u know something more about it? —bound--to--you



Thank you!

From all accounts that I have read, her exact words to the headsman (whose name was Bull) were, “I forgive you with all my heart, for now, I hope, you shall make an end to all my troubles.”

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I’ve been watching Reign on CW and

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“The youthful lovers, Francis and Mary, undisturbed by those cares for the future which were perplexing their advisers, enjoyed that sweet society which is only reserved for mortals so highly favored as they were. Their love, which had grown with their growth, was as true and steadfast as though it had sprung up between a poor shepherd and shepherdess in the green plains of Arcadia.”

- Alexander Hastie Millar, Mary Queen of Scots: Her Life Story

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"Francis seems to want nothing more in life than a few moments of precious stillness with her." - the one and only Kayeberrie


"Her intimacy with her young playmates increased daily, and even in those early days it was noted that her affections inclined toward the Dauphin…"

- Alexander Hastie Millar, Mary Queen of Scots: Her Life Story

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